Principal’s Message

Dr.Sherly Prakash

Hi, friends welcome to the Seth Ram Bahadur Singh Gujarati College, Kochi.                  

Seth Ram Bahadur Singh Gujarati College (SRBS) has been started with the most ennobled vision of molding our students into nation builders. We have in mind the challenges that each student will face in life, which each must confront without stepping back, be it any situation. So along with quality education, a requisite for leadership and organizational skills, SRBS strives to provide balanced and universal learning. These will help to perceive life beyond existing norms and patterns set by books and academic training. The very concept of education has undergone vast changes today- it is not mere acquisition of knowledge. Therefore, our focus lies equally on development of skill, shaping of character, assessment of values and interests. Effective utilization of all these, help the students to serve the society best. At SRBS, we strive to set a secure foundation, which has been cemented by our faculty members. We ensure that our students learn, not just study. This is most vital for a sense of commitment towards society and the nation. Thus, with all essentials joining hands and with our dedicated and whole hearted efforts, I am sure that the result would be nothing but the best. Let us move along the path shown by Swami Vivekananda- “Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in man.” My  best wishes to all.